No government has ANY MORAL AUTHORITY to claim my freedom. I reject the premise!

If Media/politicians, both sides, makes EVERYTHING an emergency then nothing will be one.

Pick your battles everyone, both sides. Trump you are going in as a weak president because of your mouth. Democrats though need to stop exaggerating stupid things that just get you laughed out of our minds and media it makes you untrustworthy. That is why internet is eating your lunch and Twitter works! Ex-political opponents become media, very often. And are supposed to be fair free adversarial press? I doubt that very much. And elebrities and some dems from congress are going to make it impossible for them to bounce back. They need to quit the attacks and pick the things that the other party agrees with work on those or get out of the people’s way. We don’t like you, with a carbon footprint of 50of us, telling us WE need to sacrifice! . But it is against their interest, in their minds, to allow another party to succeed where they have miserably failed. They are saying 30m are uninsured now, right? Well before destroy healthcare, I remember the number of uninsured was 22 m. And dems kicked millions of people off healthcare with no transition, and now they claim to care about the transition not leaving anyone behind. Yes there are people benifiting. But the number is what around 30m? This country has 300 m and you few, comparatively, have tyrned a whole 1/6 of the economy upside-down and hurt most of us. How does that make you feel? You didn’t want that, just as nobody on right or left want people suffering. At least on a local level. Too bad people believe fat cats should choose our whole lives. Someone get snagged on something and the maker goes bankrupt and the federal government writes a new ” regulation”. Read some before you ask for more, because a lot of them are plain stupid. I don’t want to live in a bubble, “For my own good” that is not freedom! Again BOTH parties do this it just depends on the party on what stupid things they choose to push down our throats! Many times on weekends and at night.


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