Imagine Lyme Disease

Think about your last flu. 

 Think about how hard it put you down and how hard it was to do anything for yourself, how your family brought you chicken soup. 

 Think how friends called you up to say hi and cheer you up, during your hours of need.


Imagine other symptoms on top of that flu. To name a few, not sleeping,intermittent joint pain, fatigue, nerve pain, endless bureaucraZy!  

Imagine not seeing a time when you feel better, get out of pain, or to work again because:

Imagine it staying day after day after day. 

Imagine how your family will have to go back to work and tired of you being sick, how you have to say no to much.

Imagine how your friends forget about you because you can't ever DO anything fun with them.

Imagine nobody believes you could stay that sick for so long and not look sick!!!

THINK how lucky you are, if you are only having to IMAGINE!

Independent Thought


I have a limited amount of access to the outside world. So I have some opinions from experience and some is from TV shows, news and of course Google, FB and researching for my illness since doctors give you 5 minutes of thought. But my blog is going to be my thoughts that vary daily.

So things I  want to speak about are:

Astronomical theories. Some things maybe not PC because of Climate change is another subject I like to address. I also will add a seperate area for other things (if I figure this software out…lol). Some personal with my struggles with an illness 13 years into now and going towards a remission, I think. And who knows what else. I hope to have a page chronicaling¬† my healing process? A question mark BC I am not very consistant yet. I have exercises both in muscles and mind. It is going to be hard but bettrr than the alternative!