Independent Thought

A friend and I spoke of how I should journal online because my world view is unusual and different, but I apply logic and try to express and show my logic
I hope you find something interesting. I love thought experiments and want to put my voice out there so analytics, at least, picks up my ideas, maybe in the future when “Group think” ( on all areas of life it seems) is fought against. I am disabled and at this point can’t post on even a laptop and my phone is starting to effect my shoulder?
I would love to induce others to consider to use independent thought about many subjects from medicine, politics to astronomy. Many people out in this divided world are grouping in ways that don’t help and sometimes don’t even make sense? I hope to bring people to an out of the box thinking that doesn’t fit into groups or institutions! We are doing the same thing on the right as we did on the left. While the right was yelling and screaming, they are the ones who, in big nubers, didn’t go out and vote to remove local incumbents and LEFT OBAMA IN OFFICE! Now your mad but won’t vote for a 3rd party why? Because media says so? Because Trump and his supporters say so? Because noe the media and Republicans are falling “in line” like flies on —- ?
So because of those reasons you won’t TRY a totally NEW party? Yes they have some nuts and it will be the ONLY ones you will see. Fiscally, though, they are the BEST! The Citadel and CSU both have economy professors who are leaders or were in the libertarian party. They are the most conservative on spending and taxes out of any other party. Which can make other things better, as Republicans do know.

It always comes to money. People always vilify people for doing things motivated by money, but don’t you? Doesn’t EVERYONE? I mean if you’re not, how do you take care of yourself or your family, right? So I get the attraction to trump because his being in business, but so were the libertarian candidates and both were R Republicans. Social legislation, both sides, is what is wrong. If we don’t get rid of forcing people to drink Only cooked milk and other stupid crap, then we are not a free country anymore! When the FDA can come on private property and claim it wetlands due to a puddle, we aren’t free anymore!

I am obviously learning how to do a blog. Forgive me, give me some time to learn to organize and such. Talk to you soon! Have a good day everyone! ♡♡♡ #WalkACrookedRoad  #FreeThought @CJ_FREETHINKR