Don’t Touch That Red Button

Ok so I thought FB was gonna be a great place for support and a great spot to post my fight against Lyme Disease and the horrible medical system. Also damage from a spinal block, and a failed hip/back surgery made worse by active un-diagnosed Lyme, and PTSD from everything above. It isnt crazy to have active Lyme if never treated as a child when me and all my family and their neighbors were either diagnosed with Lyme or MS, which closely is related with Lyme. Studies needed!!  I would of course still have “active Lyme” 45 yrs later. But according to the doctors, bc I don’t have the CDC’s tracking test result with 4 + bands and 1ind, they claim I am Lyme negative. If doctors cared enough to read more than the first 2 sentences, if they bothered at all to look, they would see that the stats doesn’t represent but a 10th of people living with Lyme anf those numbers are PER YR!!  The CDC even says, on their website, not to use them and their data collection criteria for diagnostic purposes. They have it very narrow so as not to catch as many Lyme sufferers that, they believe could be false positive results. They like throw us into the Fibromyalgia bucket, because with no tests unavailable and no proof it exists it doesnt seem right! More later!




Independent Thought


I have a limited amount of access to the outside world. So I have some opinions from experience and some is from TV shows, news and of course Google, FB and researching for my illness since doctors give you 5 minutes of thought. But my blog is going to be my thoughts that vary daily.

So things I  want to speak about are:

Astronomical theories. Some things maybe not PC because of Climate change is another subject I like to address. I also will add a seperate area for other things (if I figure this software out…lol). Some personal with my struggles with an illness 13 years into now and going towards a remission, I think. And who knows what else. I hope to have a page chronicaling  my healing process? A question mark BC I am not very consistant yet. I have exercises both in muscles and mind. It is going to be hard but bettrr than the alternative!